January 2008 - this website is undergoing reorganization.

This will be the new home of
the-edmeister's Firefox Informational Website.

Click this link to open an HTM file you can use to display your Firefox 3 Passwords
in a format that allows you to save, or print a hard copy of your passwords.
Firefox-3 Passwords Information
Due to security restrictions in the Firefox browser, the scripts used to display your password information can't be run from a website. You must save that page to local disk and open it from within Firefox to allow the scripts to do their work.
Once you have that page saved, use File > Open File... to open the page and see your password information.
You must have JavaScript enabled to allow the scripts on local pages to run.
NoScript extension users must allow file:// to run.

for information concerning this website, please contact   the-edmeister